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Friday, February 29, 2008

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Today's painting 2-8-08

Aho Mountains 5x7 SOLD
This location is along the Arizona Mexico border in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The colors there are wonderful.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Daily painting 2-3-08

Frozen stream bed 8x10


"Sanoran Desert #1001"

This is wonderful little study was completed recently on the Arizona, Mexico border. I spent a week in Organ Pipe National Monument completing field studies. I think this 8x10 captures the bright light of the Sonoran Desert. This is an oil painting on canvas mounted on board.

This is an introductory picture of me.

George Coll lives west of Loveland, Colorado, with his wife Jennifer. In 1994, they purchased their two-acre property with a 1920s-built-home, a barn and several outbuildings that include a studio he built in 1999. This rambling property at the base of the Rocky Mountains is also home to George’s two pack llamas. Night Train and Cardamom who love to trek into the backcountry with George to carry his paint supplies.

The beautiful northern Colorado countryside and the many people who share his life inspire George. George’s attention has been focused on landscape, cityscape and figurative painting. George is a Renaissance man whose talents also include furniture and cabinet making. His home is adorned with his handcrafted furniture, cabinets, two hand made looms and numerous paintings.

“I always believed I had the ability to draw, which is the foundation of my desire to paint,” he says. George started painting with watercolors in 1986 at the Denver Art Students League. In November 1998 he focused on oil painting. George has continued his ongoing support and involvement in the Denver Art Students league since that time.

George works from life. George’s landscape paintings are composed on location to capture the essence of light. His larger landscapes/cityscapes are completed in the studio from his on-location field studies. George’s figurative paintings are inspired by his friends and acquaintances, which patiently model for him until completed.

George is known for his landscape “road trips,” taking him often to neighboring states to capture a two-hour segment of light. George enjoys surprising his painting companions by taking impromptu plein air excursions that are hundreds of miles away from his home. Caution is advised for those weary painting companions. George’s wanderings by back road and with the llamas have introduced him to the many vistas of the western United States. Cityscape inspirations vary from the Manhattan skyline to Butte Montana. George also takes inspiration from his artistic heroes, such as Nicolai Fechin, Edward Hopper, Sorolla and Edgar Payne.